Achieve with Autism Consultancy Ltd

Providing ABA Services for Children with Autism and Related Disorders

Achieve with Autism Consultancy Ltd provides personalised comprehensive home-based and school-based ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) programmes and/or interventions to enable children to make positive progress and meet their full potential.

Our Mission & Vision 

We are passionately committed to providing a high-quality professional service so that children and young people with autism and related developmental delays achieve their maximum potential by providing evidence-based practices of Applied Behaviour Analysis. We want each individual child and young person we work with and their families to feel empowered to make choices for a better everyday life.

Our vision is a world where all children and families with autism and related disorders have access to a high-quality provision that is evidence-based to achieve their life outcomes and have the best quality of life. 

Our Values

Our Story

Achieve with Autism Consultancy Ltd was founded by Esther Thomas, Senior Behaviour Analyst with over 20 years of extensive experience in Autism Education and Applied Behaviour Analysis. Having supported numerous children with autism and their families in school and home-based settings, I have come to truly understand the parental challenges and struggles they face. By adopting Behavioural Intervention programmes and a person-centered approach to teaching and learning, the learners have successfully overcome barriers to learning and made good progress.

Having formerly worked as a Senior Behaviour Analyst in an autism charity for  8 years, before forming this organisation, my role had changed and I was finding that I had limited opportunities to work directly with children and young people with autism. It was important to me that my clinical practice was kept up to date and that hands-on experience is what makes a difference for the children and families under my care. I was also a more effective trainer when working with clients directly.

I’m so excited by the challenges each day brings and being able to give back the wealth of experience I have established over the years. The children, families and tutors I work with continue to amaze me.

Achieve with Autism Consultancy Ltd has allowed me to deliver excellent services to make a real and positive difference to the lives of children and young people with autism and related developmental disorders through the evidence-based practice of Applied Behaviour Analysis.